Envisioning a new era of solidarity that leads
to greener economies, and more resilient societies.
Envisioning a new era of solidarity that leads to greener economies, and more resilient societies.


Shared society, sustainability, and solidarity are central to our mission

At Qualco Foundation, we believe that, in the face of growing and ongoing interrelated crises, a society that embraces inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for everyone is a moral duty. Resilient systems and institutions can only be achieved through inclusive projects and responses that effectively engage voices from all strands of a global community. As a result, the Qualco Foundation has joined the expanding global effort to accelerate the transition to environmental and social sustainability.


We support activities that harness creative ideas and approaches to produce a shared benefit for the good of all, from the local to the global level. To influence positive change and promote human development, we invest in creating a shared society that embraces innovation in all parts of life.


We envision a new era of solidarity that leads to greener, more inclusive economies, and stronger, more resilient societies.

President’s Address

Investing in human nurture towards a better world

My personal values and experiences paved the path of who we are as a Group and how we act across all levels.


I was taught to give back and believe that anything is possible. This is the way I lead my life and the Company all these years. Therefore optimism, empowerment, and persistence lie at the heart of Qualco Foundation.


With open eyes and mind to the quest for new opportunities, an inherent curiosity about the context -cultural and environmental-, alongside taking risks and enabling people to make utmost use of their abilities, hidden forces can be released, and true change shall emerge.


A future in which everybody, regardless of when they were born, who their parents are, where they grew up, whether they are a boy, or a girl will be able to make their goals come true, is our primary goal. A future of boundless access to Education and Health, Culture, and Social Welfare is central to Qualco Foundation.


In this context, one of our plethora of roles is to organize and contribute to a variety of academic, social, cultural, environmental, and entrepreneurial programs and initiatives while collaborating with educational and academic institutions, as well as NGOs and charities, to provide the best possible support to our people and the community.


Everyone should be able to dream and achieve their goals, and via the Qualco Foundation, we strive to connect the dots between people’s well-being and our world’s sustainability.


Orestis Tsakalotos
President of Qualco Foundation


Qualco Foundation is administrated by a 5-member board, committed to the empowerment of the human value

Members of the Qualco Group make up the Foundation’s Board of Directors. To promote and realize its social goals, Qualco Foundation involves all stakeholders. In order to have a significant impact, we aim at involving all parties who are interested in sharing value.

Orestis Tsakalotos, President

Mr. Tsakalotos is an entrepreneur, the founder, and the Executive Chairman of Qualco Group. Developing major initiatives, transactions, and sourcing execution lie among his day-to-day responsibilities while leading the Group’s strategy and providing leadership and governance to the Board of Directors. Mr. Tsakalotos remains very active in his community with various non-profit initiatives.


Mr. Georgantzis is the CEO and founding partner of Qualco. Under his leadership, Qualco has evolved into a leading international Fintech provider.
Over the past two decades, by concluding key partnerships and working on expanding the company into new markets, he has managed to grow Qualco to more than 600 employees with offices in the UK, France, Cyprus, and Brazil. Under his supervision, Qualco advanced and enhanced its service offering to cover all aspects of the credit lifecycle, indicatively serving over 70 clients in more than 15 countries.
He holds a BSc and an MSc from Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London.


With more than 20 years of experience, leading business development efforts in IT and Financial Technology solutions for Non-Performing Exposures and receivables management, Mr. Retzekas interacts with a wide range of leading Greek and international companies in the financial, energy, and retail sectors.


Mr. Amallos has served as Non-Executive Director on the Board of Hellenic Petroleum SA (2009 -2013) and as a Partner at Singular S.A, where he held the positions of Financial Director and Assistant General Manager. Former Director of Oneworld SA, Decision SA, Euroskills SA, Sanyocom SA, AMTE SA and Panathinaikos FSA.


Ms. Stamathioudaki is responsible for Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at Qualco Group, with vast experience in marketing and communication, organisational design, people strategy implementation, and cultural change. She currently leads all corporate sustainability initiatives and works towards making a real impact through Qualco Group’s ESG program.


The foundation’s team comes from a broad range of backgrounds while being characterized by a diversity of expertise and experience. Our people are guided by the foundation’s mission to contribute towards a new era of solidarity that leads to greener, more inclusive economies, and stronger, more resilient societies.


Programme Advisory Committee
Our Programme Advisory Group comprises a team of prominent experts from outside the foundation, who offer a wide range of experiences and perspectives from the Greek and international business, academic, and cultural sectors. This group has an important role in strengthening our work by making independent assessments and recommendations to the Board, as well as offering advice on grant selection and allocation.


We look forward to receiving your inquiries, comments, or suggestions you may have.

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