#solidarity #emergencysupport “Irina” shelter’s opening by the “Together for Children” association and supported by the Qualco Foundation

Every child is born with the undisputable right to live a safe and healthy childhood. With that in mind, the “Together for Children” association inaugurated the “Irina” shelter for Ukrainian mothers and children refugees with the support of the Qualco Foundation at the center of Athens on Tuesday, September 27.


There are 30,000 Ukrainian refugees reported who have fled to Greece, 16,000 of whom have obtained residency permits. With the Qualco Foundation’s support, the “Together for Children” association provides them with a ray of hope, granting them access to necessities and hospitality during this critical time of upheaval.


With the capacity to host 20 fellow men, the facility operates in a recently restored, modern building of 370m2, ceded by CERB (Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind) and supported by Domna Michailidou, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.